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For more than 100 years a family firm with a pioneering spirit
HEFEL Family

HEFEL BED AND SLEEP. A brand for the refined culture of sleep. For the very finest bedding. A term as familiar to connoisseurs of sleep as Brussels lace, English cloth or Italian pasta.

HEFEL is the only remaining fully integrated bedding company worldwide: weaving, finishing and sewing of bed linen, down-filled bedding and quilted bedding are still exclusively produced in Austria from the outset.

Our specialist staff create original bedding products of the highest quality with care, experience and skill. The company culture is driven by the spirit of tradition and innovation of its founder. It has served both as a legacy and blueprint for the future for more than 100 years.

In 1970 Johann Hefel's sons, Josef, Robert and Hans, successfully continued his pioneering work. They expanded the premises in Schwarzach (Vorarlberg) and established the HEFEL quilting factory in Kefermarkt (Upper Austria).

Since the 1990s the fortunes of HEFEL have been in the hands of the fourth generation of the family, namely Johann Hefel's granddaughter Ulrike Hefel and his grandson Dietmar Hefel.

The consistent implementation of a strategy based on innovation, branding and internationalisation combined with numerous world-class innovations in the bedding market, award-winning products and the Austrian Award for First Class Business reflect the healthy dynamism of the company. This approach is also bolstered by close cooperation with doctors and scientific research institutions, resulting in a steady stream of new discoveries that underpin the values and corporate philosophy of the Hefel family - "sleep your way to health". The support given to social projects is something close to their hearts and forms part of the system of values that the family firm is committed to.


"Sleep is for people, what winding-up is for clocks" - Arthur Schoppenhauer, German philosopher